Food supplements are defined as: foods intended to supplement the common diet and which are a concentrated source of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect such as essential fatty acids, fiber, extracts and preparations plant origin, pre and probiotics, etc.

In addition to the substances described above, dietary supplements also contain some ingredients known as excipients. These are substances that are added to the final product for various purposes, such as: maintaining the characteristics of the formulation, for example, tablets compact enough to prevent crushing, dyes for a pleasant appearance, flavors, antioxidants, preservatives, emulsifiers, coating , loading.

Probably few of you have ever raised the issue of their presence because you focused on the active ingredient, ie that substance with a beneficial, therapeutic effect. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of a food supplement can be dramatically altered by the presence of certain excipients. For example, titanium dioxide, or E171, is a white dye present in over 60% of dietary supplements. Its presence not only decreases the bioavailability of the active substance but, it has been scientifically proven, can have a carcinogenic, genotoxic effect, cause metabolic alterations and can compromise immunity. It is banned in Germany, France.

Another commonly used excipient is magnesium stearate – E470b, an additive, controversial in the scientific world and which may decrease the bioavailability of the active substance. There are only a few aspects that can undermine the quality and efficiency of a product.

In light of these aspects, Eva Nutrition takes care of your health, choosing for you only those supplements that do not contain such additives. The supplements under the Eva nutrition Selection logo have been analyzed with great care and only those forms with high bioavailability and without dangerous additions are proposed to you.

Nutraceuticals and nutraceuticals are relatively new concepts, the word Nutraceuticals deriving from two words nutrition and pharmaceutical. This term was proposed in 1989 by Dr. Stephen DeFelice. Nutraceuticals refers to a series of substances / products, extracted or isolated from food sources, which are used for the purpose of preventing or even treating medical conditions. A nutraceutical must have a scientifically proven physiological effect. In this category we can mention curcumin, epigallo catechin 3 gallate, resveratrol, pycnogenol, Indol3Carbinol, lycopene, ellagic acid, etc. This category also includes functional foods, such as yogurt enriched with vegetable sterols.

In the Supplements and nutraceuticals section, you will find a wide range of supplements and nutraceuticals, both for adults and children (Eva baby).









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