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Think about how common food failures are. Weight loss achieved with exhausting sacrifices and then a rapid recovery of lost weight, often even ending up weighing more than when we started the diet. Where are you wrong? How to beat the scales? In no case losing yourself through complicated applications that calculate your calories or giving in to dietary gossip and switching from one diet to another. There is no universal diet and no philosophy of dietary thinking to be forced into. Get to know yourself first and then follow the right diet for you. You react to food in a personal way, different from other people, because by eating you do not introduce into your body only sterile calories, but molecules that will interact with your body and your metabolism, in turn conditioning your DNA. Learn to ask yourself what your needs are, what can help you concretely in a diet to lose weight, how to overcome obstacles. And, if you want to know yourself better and find out more about how you can condition the expression of the genes that make up your DNA then you must choose the genetic diet for which it is absolutely necessary to do the genetic test, Eva diet plus or Eva diet fit.

By analyzing certain genes, correlated with the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, metabolism, predisposition to obesity, the need for vitamins, intolerances such as lactose, gluten, eating behavior, our dietitians will be able to tailor your diet to your own DNA.

Yes, the information contained in your DNA can be used to personalize weight loss, so as to guarantee your success in dietary therapy. Therefore, genetics, with the new emergence of nutrigenetics, proves to be a strategic ally of your figure. Except in very rare cases, everyone can lose weight following a lifestyle based on the right combination of diet and exercise, but DNA testing can help us understand what is behind the difficulty of losing weight, as in some cases. . By understanding these mechanisms we can facilitate and optimize weight loss.

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